ClipConstructX11: disabling shared clipboard

tldr: If you need shared clipboard don’t run VMs in headless-mode. During the last days at work I notices my shared clipboard in Virtualbox was not working. After checking everything I found this in the logs of the affected VM: ClipConstructX11: X11 DISPLAY variable not set -- disabling shared clipboard Why is there no DISPLAY set? Well, the VM was started in headless-mode, everything makes sense now.

Using Letsencrypt with ecoDMS

ecoDMS is a very nice electronic document management server. Sadly its written in Java… It has a built-in webserver which can be configured to use HTTPS. You can use even custom certifcates, but for that you need to upload a java keystore using the client (not via webinterface). As uploading a keystore is not a good way of automation via hooks used by dehydrated (the letsencrypt-client I’m using), I was searching for a better way.

Luks Add Key With Masterkey

Today I realized that I forgot the password to decrypt one of my hosts encrypted using Luks. Luckily it was still running and root-access still granted. As you may know root can do anything, even reading the masterkey of your unlocked Luks-devices. By using dmsetup table /dev/mapper/supercrypt --showkeys you can get hold of the masterkey. Since you only unlock the masterkey with your password, this information can be used to modify every slot.

Wireguard-App ships userland

Today is a good day for all people forced to use an old kernel (< 3.10) on their android-device! Early this morning an update was released for the wireguard android app which provieds an experimental go userland. It will be used of you don’t have the kernel-module available. Happy guarding your wire with wireguard! :D

Virtualbox Extpack Install

Keine Lust VirtualBox grafisch zu öffnen um das Extensionpack zu installieren? Kein Problem! Als root: VBoxManage extpack install FILE